Targeted Mailing Lists

You don’t have to be Robin Hood to find your target!

We’ll help you improve your aim.

Once you have an idea of the audience you want to reach, we’ll help you choose the criteria in order to narrow down the most viable recipients of your mail piece.

Samples of List Selections:

  • Area
  • Neighborhood
  • Type of customer
  • Lifestyle
  • Income
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Homeowners
  • …and thousands more!

And if that’s not enough, we offer specialty services that were once available only to large F500 companies:

Mail Best:

Find out what makes your current customers tick. Then go find more. (This service assumes you have a customer list which we can analyze).

Audience Propensities:

Designed to predict consumer behavior, as well as product and brand affinities. Provides insight into a consumer’s likelihood to respond, convert, and remain loyal. With over 4,000 different Audience Propensities, there is one available for nearly every offer.

With a targeted list and a mailing campaign (designed by you or us) you’re ready to go! We print the piece, affix the address and postage, and get it to the nearest post office.

With your mail campaign and your targeted list, you’re unstoppable!
Call us today (301) 931-8612 to discuss your list requirements. We’re here to help!