Introducing a world-class Firearms Training Center with state-of-the-art shooting ranges and an upscale retail store located in Beltsville Maryland. The center will serve consumers, law enforcement, military and security professionals. The facility will include:

Multiple ranges from 25-100 yards, with full tactical and state-of-the-art targetry systems. The targetry systems are programmable to support the various training requirements of local law enforcement organizations. The 100-yard range is ideal for rifle shooting, and also supports the qualification requirements for law enforcement.

Live Fire Shoot House: Scheduled to be built in year two or three, the Live Fire Shoot House will be built to address the training requirements of military, law enforcement, and security professionals. We'll work with one of the top vendors to incorporate the latest cutting-edge design innovations, such as: corner-fed rooms, center-fed rooms, "L" hallways, "Z" hallways, fully contained ballistic stairwells, exterior ballistic protection for external attack scenarios, observation catwalks, breach ports, and sliding ballistic doors and windows to create or eliminate alternate room entrance/exit points.

Various Instructional and Training Programs will be offered, including basic firearms training, concealed carry, and more.

This state-of-the-art facility will make use of the latest technologies for targetry systems, climate controlled indoor environment, air filtration systems and bullet collection traps.

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